Aerial Drone Assessments. Charlotte, NC drone photography and video Buckingham Southport aerial view real estate photography

Aerial Photographly in Charlotte drone photography and video

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Aerial Drone Assessments. Charlotte, NC drone photography and video Buckingham Southport aerial view real estate photography

Our Sepcialties

Aerial videography with burst shots, 3D mapping, thermal imaging, and a gimble wand camera are all tools that we use with our drones.

We offer low and high aerial videography with burst shots in combination with our other surveying tools to complete a large range of job requests.

Our Customer Service

 Some of the jobs we specialize in are major construction projects, road engineering, bank owned land for sale, realtor companies, personal property for sale, insurance companies, personal businesses and websites, personal land developers, agriculturist, power companies, solar power companies, social events, and home living spaces such as apartment complexes, townhomes, and condominiums 

Just some scenes from a drone in the at 1600ft

Our Company Information

Our Equipment


Our Photographers


We are dedicated to giving you the best experience possible.  We continue to put in extensive flying time so that we can develop keen skills to deliver the images that you want!  We are licensed and registered with the FAA.  We are also personally insured along with our drones and other equipment with liability insurance.

Why Us?


What makes Aerial Drone Assessments standout above other companies is flight time, a top of the line 4.3K camera, thermal imaging camera, 3D mapping camera, and a gimble wand camera, and personal detail.  We can produce raw imaging, basic editing, or add photo editing depending on your needs.  Most importantly we want to develop a relationship with you and to give you a great experience.  It is important to us to know what our customers want!  We pride ourselves on our communication about the capabilities and services we can do for you! 


ia Day at the Park

Bing your kids. We are  going to be showing kids and all that wil listen to how you can come from playing

with toy drones to growing up to owning there on  drone business.

Flying drones, is what we will be doing, hold them, examining them.

The parents and the childern will get to see a new person thats changing to maybe at a new pilot or business owner.

Or what ever there dream's there dream are, good luck on whatever you choose.


No upcoming events.


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